Get 2 the Podcast is a weekly podcast featuring important debates like “Why is Marvel better than DC?” or “Who would win in a fight: James Cameron or Ridley Scott?” or “Why remakes/reboots aren’t as bad as everybody thinks they are.”

No movie topic is off limits and often those topics stir up a heated debate. Our guys try their best not to kill each other. And it’s all for your listening pleasure.

The show consists of 3 movie fanatics, nay junkies. They are Nick Gambino, Neal Carson and Thiago Desouza.

We’re going to tell you a little about each of them so you can decide who you like best.


Nick Gambino

Nick is a writer/director with credits on the Discovery Channel, AMC and several short films. He’s also got a hand in the animation world having directed popular parodies of Mortal Kombat, Call of Duty and Counter Strike for YouTube. He enjoys long walks on the beach and staring at the wall for hours at a time.


Neal Carson

Neal is a jack of all trades having worked in front of and behind the camera and occasionally on the side. A lifelong film junkie, Neal is currently receiving treatment for his unhealthy obsession with the movie Masters of the Universe. He enjoys baby lotion and eating chicken off the bone without the use of his fingers.


Thiago Desouza

If Neal is a jack of all trades then Thiago is the queen of all trades. First he was a successful DP (that’s Director of Photography – c’mon this is a family show) creating vivid visual content for Google, Amazon, Intel and a host of other brands. Now as a successful TV Director/Producer and Creative Media Director, his work appears on the History Channel, Discovery Channel, AMC and others. He enjoys writing long unanswered letters to prison inmates and spoon juggling.

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