Ep 79: Rambo 5’s Descent Into Hell

In this episode we’re discussing the recently green-lit sequel to Rambo and what we would like to see that might bring the series back to its original glory. With 1982’s First Blood, Rambo became the second character portrayed by Sylvester Stallone to become a household name. The other, of course, being a certain punch-drunk boxer by the name of Rocky. After 3 sequels, the last one hitting theaters a decade ago, it seemed John Rambo was ready to hang up his bandana and hunting knife for good. That was, until Sly decided to dust him off for one more violence-filled adventure in Rambo 5. The fifth installment sees the Vietnam war vet facing off against a Mexican drug cartel as he busts up a sex trafficking ring. You know, usual Rambo stuff. With a script written by the Italian Stallion himself and director Adrian Grunberg (Get the Gringo) attached, it’s shaping up to be another wild ride.

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