Ep 80: How M. Night Shyamalan Got His Groove Back

We’re talking M. Night’s Shyamalan’s rebooted career and his biggest twist yet. Admit it, you never saw it coming! Starting in the late 90s with The Sixth Sense, M. Night Shyamalan became synonymous with twist endings that were nearly impossible to figure out until they were already upon you. Like, Spielberg, his name alone could draw a large crowd on opening weekend. But after a string of hits like Unbreakable, Signs and The Village, something happened. The magic seemed to wear off. Movies like, The Happening, The Last Airbender and After Earth were universally panned, and suddenly the once lauded storyteller was looking at a legacy in jeopardy. He was counted out but it’s at times like these that winners truly win. Seemingly out of nowhere he wrote and directed one of his best movie’s to date – Split. Scary, fascinating and brilliant, the horror movie put M. Night Shyamalan back on the poster. Like his previous films, Split had twists you never saw coming, but none more satisfying than the very end. That end scene gave way to his newest movie, Glass – a sequel of sorts to Unbreakable and Split. The creation of a uniquely original extended universe outside of the Marvel or DC system, was his biggest twist of all.

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