Ep 81: Who is Going to Save Bond 25?

It seems the new 007 film is hitting some rough waters before it’s even started shooting. So naturally we’re going to talk about it and offer some solutions that will most likely be completely ignored. With the recent news that director Danny Boyle will no longer helm Bond 25, the whole franchise is now up in the air. The 25th installment in the popular British spy series was scheduled to start shooting in the next few months in an effort to make a November 8th 2019 release date. After losing its director, producers were forced to push the release date, which is now rumored to fall some time in summer 2020. All of this potentially jeopardizes Daniel Craig’s involvement. A Bond veteran for the last 12 years, Craig has made it pretty clear that he no longer wants to play the titular role. So they need to hire a new director and potentially a new James Bond. Here we go!

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