Ep 85: Freddy vs Jason vs Michael Myers

As All Hallow’s Eve steadily creeps towards us, we thought it fitting to pit three of cinema’s ultimate baddies against each other. Let’s get to know these charming killers, shall we?

After making a deal with the devil, Freddy Krueger haunts your nightmares wielding his signature razor-clad glove. There’s no escaping this pizza-faced bad guy, not even Johnny Depp is safe. Jason Voorhies, star of the Friday the 13th films, has a bit of a murky backstory, but one thing’s for sure, he loves killing any horny teenager who even thinks of enjoying a summer by his lake. Finally, there’s Michael Myers. This silent killer is the embodiment of pure evil and is the kind of guy that never knows when to quit. Myers can even make a William Shatner Halloween mask look scary.

Who will win in this take-no-prisoners blood fest? From the camp to the gory, the seemingly endless titles in these 3 franchises offers up plenty to debate.

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