Ep 86: Horror Movies That Ruined Us

It’s time to continue Halloween month with horror movies that ruined us! When a movie is made right it has a visceral impact on the viewer resulting in some sort of emotional response. A comedy elicits laughter, a drama might elicit tears and a horror makes you vow to never ever in your life approach that subject ever again. By way of example, Jaws made us afraid to go in the water and IT made us swear off clowns. In fact, those movies negatively affected hundreds of thousands if not millions of people. They did their job well. There are a number of films which were able to hold this kind of power over us, and we’re covering them in this episode. We’re laying our souls bare and opening up to you, so please be kind. These are our fears and the things we vowed never to share a room with again. Maybe you can relate.

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