Ep 88: How to Make a Great Horror Franchise

Horror franchises are seeing a spike in quality in recent years. The Horror genre has a notorious reputation for making endless sequels and spin-offs of their films. Halloween, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Saw, The Conjuring – they all do it. Some of these movie franchises have got over 20 titles. The problem is, after the first movie, they often devolve into total B-movie shlock. While they make for great Mystery Science Theater 3000, they are often not very good. In the past few years, certain filmmakers have seemingly cracked the code and created some honest-to-God good sequels. It seems other genres have also figured out how to avoid the curse of the sequel, turning out quality films that stand on their own. We’re looking at what made these new franchises stand apart from those in the past. What does it take to make a great Horror franchise?

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