Ep 94: Does Creed 2 Mean the End for Rocky?

Creed 2 is yet another smash hit for the over 40-year old Rocky franchise. When they rebooted the series in 2015 with Creed, the Italian Stallion was repositioned as a supporting actor, which earned Sylvester Stallone his first acting Oscar nomination since the first Rocky film in 1976. Creed 2 once again sees the iconic Philly boxer as a supporting character, while continuing to dig deeper into the layers that make up the former boxing champ. Without giving up any spoilers, there are some signs in Creed 2 that suggest Sly might be calling it a day on his most famous role. Many are questioning whether or not these particular scenes spell the end, and if we’ll see a Rocky-less Creed 3. There’s plenty here to discuss and as we tend to do, argue. Listen in on while we break it down for you.

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