Ep 100: Movies, Guests and Booze

100 EPISODES!!! We did it!!! To help us celebrate, we had a few special guests come on the show to honor us and give us much-deserved praise. Well…that might not be completely accurate. But they definitely called into the show to talk to us. So our earlier statement is partially true. This episode is chockfull of fun, with movie trivia and games, movie reverence and maybe, just maybe, a LOT of imbibed alcohol. Thank you to Spaceship, Tony the Movie Guy and Mike from MDX Pods for celebrating with us! And thank you to all those who’ve listened to Get 2 the Podcast over the past 2 years. We started this podcast because of our love of movies, and wanted to share that obsession with others. The fact that you all decided to tune in and give us a listen makes the grind of a weekly show worth it. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

Nick, Neal and Thiago

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